Introducing the Continental ContiTech Trix Air Breathing hose


The ContiTech Trix hose allows the transport of inhaled air from the taking pipe to the compressed-air hose appliance. The hose lining is produced with a non-porous and smooth EPDM-Lining therefore making it free from any dangerous products for inhaled air. In addition to this the cover of the Trix Air Breathing Hose has a powerful release agent to prevent other materials from bonding to surfaces. It’s fat-free and free from any product harmful to lacquer.

A Full list of key features can be found below.   

Key features

·         Black, non-porous and smooth EPDM-lining

·         Reinforcement: synthetic fibres

·         Black, smooth EPDM-cover, resistant to ozone, weather, UV and abrasion

·         Working pressure up to 10 bar / 145 psi

·         Temperature range from –30°C up to +100°C (short term up to +120°C)

·         Release agent- and fat-free, free from any product harmful to lacquer

·         Electrically conductive, 103 Ω < R < 108 Ω

·         According to DIN EN 14593 / DIN EN 14594


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The TRIX Breathing air hose fulfills all requirements of DIN/EN 14593/14594 Electrically conductive. The hose allows the...