Are you replacing your extraction hoses to often?


Hoses utilised in the woodworking industry are exposed to extremely testing conditions. Continuous operation of the machines is critical as well as being able to handle highly abrasive solids and potentially explosive material, due to static build-up.

The woodworking industry demands high safety requirements from all machine parts, including the hoses, and ensuring you have the correct one selected for your application will reduce the chance of breakdowns and failures costing time & money.


Since wood dust or chips are flammable bulk materials an anti-static hose must be used for the extraction and in some cases an ATEX approval may also be necessary.


Key requirements for woodworking extraction hose:


- Able to handle highly abrasive material
- Must be Anti-Static
- Must be Flexible and Lightweight


With these key requirements in mind, CMT Flexibles alongside our manufacturing partner has developed a range of products including a specific hose for use on CNC machines.
All of our woodworking hoses are made from a premium grade polyurethane compound which is permanently anti-static and has an electrical and surface resistance <10⁹ ohm


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