The New way to terminate your Dual Containment Hose


Dual-Containment hose systems have been widely accepted across the industry and are now found on the majority of treatment sites.

The system is used where additional protection is required to help ensure the risk of environmental contamination is reduced.


A key advantage to the flexible hose system is the wide variety of inner and outer hose materials available to ensure chemical compatibility and other requirements are met.


All CMT dual containment solutions have a visible gap so any leaks can be easily identified and any liquid is safely transferred to an alarmed catch pot.


One of the biggest issues for water treatments engineers is how to terminate these dual flexible hose lines.  Having one hose inside of another means that a special fitting with a ‘Dual-Tail’ has to be used in order to connect both the inner and outer hose to a singular connection point.

Over the years dual containment fittings have presented a number of problems and difficulties for both water treatment engineers and installers alike.


So what’s the solution?


Introducing the CMT Dual-Tail PVC Coupling


- Improved Coupling Retention
- Easier to Install
- Reduced Initial Cost
- No leaks or weak points
- Available in different materials


Alongside our manufacturing partners, we have been able to develop a new Dual-Tail system that has been tested and proven ‘on-site’ that ticks all the boxes you as a water treatment engineer need.


The new fittings have been designed with a serrated hose tail improving coupling retention for both the containment and carrier hose. The serrations ensure that wherever the clip is placed on the tail it will create a full 360ᵒ seal helping to reduce the risk of a leak within the system.


Whilst the dual containment hose has a number of configurations available to suit the chemical it is a different story when it comes to the fittings. That’s why we have introduced 2 different materials PVC & Polypropylene so you can have peace of mind knowing your fittings are as compatible with the chemical as your hose.


You may think that with all these advantages and improvements that the fittings are going to be 10X the price, well they aren’t.


Supplied as a full system with carefully selected low profile clips the fittings are actually cheaper than the traditional ones currently available.


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