Stainless Steel Hi-Torque Hose Clamp


HI-TORQUE Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hose Clamps have been specifically designed for tough and wire reinforced hoses and for when an extra margin of safety and reliability is required. HI-TORQUE clamps outperform nut and bolt type clamps due to their more uniform tightening which gives higher sealing pressure. They are quick to fit, have no loose parts to lose in awkward places and require less space than any other heavy duty hose clamp. HI-TORQUE clamps also offer a larger adjustment for each size than conventional nut and bolt clamps, thus reducing inventory size.

The HI-TORQUE design has a unique 'Straight Line' housing, which ensures that every thread of the screw is fully engaged with the band. This special feature, together with a high tensile band and hardened rolled thread screw means that HI-TORQUE clamps have more than twice the strength of ordinary worm drive hose clips. Specifically approved by Lloyds Register for the critical application of sealing wet diesel exhaust hoses.


Stainless Steel



See PDF spec sheet for full size range